Account Model

NET2GRID Insight Account Model

The diagram below describes the account model that is used by the NET2GRID Insight Platform.

There are 3 levels of the NET2GRID Account Model:

  • Account Level: The account identifies an end-user in the NET2GRID Insight Platform.
    • One account can have one or more installations.
    • Account information should be used for defining the access level and authentication of an end-user.
    • Some of the properties defined on account level are used as default for all installations under this account.
  • Installation Level: The installation identifies a house entity that has its own measurements data stream and installation profile.
    • The installation is the most important resource in the NET2GRID Insight Platform as the analysis on measurement data and the reports generated by the NET2GRID Insight Platform are on installation level.
    • All exports that may be provided by NET2GRID are on installation level and using the external_installation_id as an identifier of the installation, so that the Customer can identify the installation for which the export is relevant in their systems.
  • Meter Level: The meter identifies a metering device that is installed and reports data streams of a specific installation.
    • Depending on the Smart Meter and device topology that is used there may be more than one meters under the same installation (eg one electricity and one gas smart meter).
    • There can be only one meter of the same energy type and meter_input type for a single installation.
    • NET2GRID IoT Devices that are connected via the Customer Engagement Service don't need to be defined by the customer via Account Management API unless there are meter authentication information that have to be provided for the IoT Devices to be able to report data.