B2B provisioning of end-users serves a three-fold purpose:

  1. Self-registration (& thus usage of NET2GRID services) of end-users is not allowed unless previously provisioned by the Customer. Given that, when creating/provisioning an end-user account through the B2B Account Management API all the necessary information is provided in order for the end-user to be fully ready to continue the rest of the onboarding process of registration & activation themselves via the CE-API and utilize all the relevant services of the NET2GRID Insight Platform.
  2. The Customer is setting the core guidelines of how & which NET2GRID services are to be utilized by end-users, based on their strategy & offerings.
    1. For example, Service type information is provided, based on which, the way that data is reported to the NET2GRID Insight Platform, is specified.
    2. Other information could be the Meter input method etc.
  3. NET2GRID ensures the unique identification of an end-user (account), their household (installation) as well as their meters in NET2GRID Insight Platform.
    1. These (external) identifiers could be identical to these of the Customers' CRM systems.


External identifiers should not be updated once defined.

External identifiers may be updated only in sync with NET2GRID.