An account that is created should include information on Account and installation level and may also include information on meter level based on the Account Model

Endpoints & operations

  • The POST /account endpoint should be used to create an account. Through this endpoint, all the necessary information may be provided to provision end-users on account, installation and meter level.
  • The GET account/{account_id} endpoint may be used to retrieve the information of an already-created account. This endpoint may be utilized to retrieve information of an account & use the relevant info to perform other operations.


At this given moment, NET2GRID services and CE-API can be utilized only for the first installation of an account that was provisioned.

Unique & mandatory information

The following need to be specified and be unique across the NET2GRID Insight Platform. Based on & through these, the 3 levels of the Account Model (Account, Installation, Meter) can be modified and/or utilized for other operations.

On Account level

  • Email address
  • External account id

On Installation level

  • External installation id
  • External meter id


Based on the service type provided to the NET2GRID Insight Platform, meter information may or may not be mandatory upon account creation.

e.g.: If the service type is BR-LR-* or BR-HR-* (meaning that the data is loaded in batches via a datahub integration or via file exchange), then external_meter_id should always be provided. If it has not been provided, then a relevant error, along with a message will be thrown by the Account Management API.

Mandatory information

  • labelpartner: Will be associated with all the customer's installations if not overwritten in the installation definition. labelpartner is set & configured on Platform level and applies to Platform, account and installation level.
  • fistname & lastname (on account level)

Non-mandatory, important information

The following are important information on installation level that may be provided when creating an account:

  • Service type
  • meter_input_method: The input type of the data to the NET2GRID Insight Platform which may have one of the 2 following values:
    • DEVICE: When hardware is used to report data.
    • IMPORT: When file imports, a datahub integration or anything else is in place where NET2GRID Insight Platform gets data from, in batches.
  • create_verified_user:
    • It is recommended that this flag is set to false in order for an end-user to verify their e-mail later on during the registration process via the CE-API.
    • By setting this flag to true then the e-mail verification process can be skipped; this is the recommended approach only for e-mails that have already been verified to the customers' CRM systems.

SSO Flow prerequisite

In order to enable the Introspection SSO flow through the CE-API, the external_authentication_provider_id, which is on account level, should be provided during the provisioning phase.

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