EDSN is a datahub in the Netherlands collaborating closely with Grid Operators and other partners.

Households' smart meter measurement data are made available to NET2GRID once the necessary end-user/household and Utility information are in place.

Below an overview of the high-level integration.


On the customer side:

  • EDSN Integration needs to be enabled on Platform level
  • During the provisioning phase of end-users' accounts and/or installations;
    • the street_no & house_no (and optionally the suffix) need to have been provisioned for NET2GRID to successfully retrieve EANs' information from EAN Codeboek and subsequently measurement data from EDSN.
    • the datahub field under the datahub_information object should have the value of EDSN.
    • the mandate_consent_given should always be true in order for the mandate/consent request to EDSN to be completed successfully.


      For a successful EDSN integration, end-user mandate/consent is required. The process and its maintenance should be handled by the Customer

EDSN Error codes

When the EDSN integration is in place, a B2B AWS SQS Queue is configured by NET2GRID for the Customer to receive information of any EDSN-related error codes on end-user level.

Use cases of the errors' retrieval are:

  • Cases that need to be handled by the Customer in sync with end-users (i.e., inaccurate provisioned end-user information, or expired end-user mandate etc.)
  • Cases that may not require immediate action, but rather contain info on EDSN status (i.e., data or service unavailability)


For complete specifications & cases on EDSN error handling, contact us

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