Service Types

Service type is an optional but important field on installation level provisioning that specifies:

  1. The interval by which measurement data or edge events arrive to the NET2GRID Insight Platform:
    1. Near-Real-Time (RT): when getting data intraday, regardless of the data granularity or if the hardware is used
    2. Batch Reporting (BR): when getting data in batches or files in scheduled intervals (e.g., MFI, datahubs, etc.)
  2. The nature of the resolution of the data which will be based on the requirements of analytics stacks
    1. High Resolution (HR): when IDD reported with 1’-10 seconds granularity and CSD/CSR reported with 1 second-60 minutes granularity.
    2. Low Resolution (LR): when CSD/CSR is reported with 15-60 minutes granularity, IDD is not constantly reported. MDM systems refer to this resolution as “interval measurement data”.

The service types that will be supported to be set for an end-user (via Account Management API) are defined in the table below:

  • RT-HR-NILM-HW: end-users using HW that NET2GRID Insight Platform can receive HR energy data or edge events from.
  • RT-LR-NILM-HW: end-users using HW that NET2GRID Insight Platform can receive LR energy data or edge events from.
  • RT-HR-NILM-noHW: users with HR data without hardware.
  • RT-LR-NILM-noHW: users with LR data without hardware that provide intra day feed (edge events or measurements)
  • BR-HR-NILM-noHW: Batch import of HR data to the cloud from partners with their own hardware (MFI).
  • BR-LR-NILM-noHW: Batch import of LR data energy data (datahub or MFI).
  • BR-LR-no-NILM-noHW: Batch import of LR data without NILM.
  • RT-LR-no-NILM-HW: users without NILM using HW that NET2GRID Insight Platform can talk back to and set to report LR data.

The following service types will continue to be supported for backward compatibility with existing customers that use the Account Management API for an agreed period of time >= 6 months

  • RT-NILM-HW: same as RT-HR-NILM-HW
  • AMR-NILM-noHW: same as BR-LR-NILM-noHW